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Garlic is amazing. Ok, if there was ever an open-ended sentence, that's it. There's a lot I'm trying to convey in that simple sentence ... my name is Eric Everett. From early on I had a dream , a desire , even a passion to somehow live off the land and grow good, healthy food. In time, I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire a wonderful property in a rural setting. I saw it as a blessing. With these developments came the need for research. There were even details like 3500 ft. elevation of the land in West Texas to consider.


Initially, I put up a fence around my garden and figured I was ready to go ... turns out that's just a big billboard inviting hungry wildlife. Everything I had so carefully planted was eaten by invaders like rabbits, moles, rats, mice, coyotes , etc.. I needed more research. Eventually, I came across an interesting fact, Garlic has no natural enemies; no predator has garlic on its menu !


Armed with this information, I decided to plant my first crop of garlic in a section of my garden. The results were amazing and provided invaluable lessons. Turns out that even the other crops I had planted around the garlic were left alone by the invaders.


Now, after two years of trial and experience, I have made the decision to launch my agrarian business of producing garlic to organic specifications. I followed the rigorous process required in the obtainment of Texas Organic Certification successfully. I'm very proud of this accomplishment.


Now with the involvement of my entire family, I have produced a wholesome and exceptionally robust crop of Garlic. The flavor is phenomenal, the qualities of the term umami (the fifth taste) come to mind. It is a superior product ideal for both the discretionary gourmand at home and a demanding chef in a professional kitchen. Farmers in the community can also obtain this exceptional and proven organic seed for planting. As I said Garlic is amazing!

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