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We ship  our organic seed  garlic by UPS.  We can only ship garlic within the United States. The minimum order of any one strain is 1/4 lb. We do place maximum limits on most strains due to their popularity and sales to ensure that most of our customers can try the strain of their choice at harvest.  If we can not completely  fill your order your contact information is important for substitute questions.  If order is larger than UPS standards we will contact you for approval on that cost.  The shipping rates for UPS currently appear to be $13/1-14lb on a sliding scale up and we can be more accurate at time of preparing your shipment. 


Our company wants a satisfied repeat buying customer and feedback is welcomed.  When our seed garlic is packaged and shipped it is inspected and should perform for you as it does for us in our fields.  However we realize there could be variables out of ours and your control that could alter your satisfaction in your purchase.  We will gladly refund your money on the simple condition you return product to us within 60 days of our shipment and before it is planted.


We use PayPal and their credit card section for online transactions.  If you had rather use a bank check or money order we do not retain those records but for all communication we will need your name, phone and email for any clarification of the order. 

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